Celebrating 10 Years of Building a Better Internet

Looking back at our accomplishments. Looking ahead to many more years of building a brighter Internet.
ISRG 10th Anniversary - since 2013

It’s hard to believe 10 years have passed since Eric Rescorla, Alex Halderman, Peter Eckersley and I founded ISRG as a nonprofit home for public benefit digital infrastructure.
We had an ambitious vision, but couldn’t have known then the extent to which that vision would become shared and leveraged by so much of the Internet.

We wanted to take this moment to highlight the people and organizations that have helped make our impact possible, and share a bit about where we’re heading for the next ten years.

Read Josh's 10th Anniversary Letter

A look back at highlights from our first 10 years

ISRG 10th anniversary timeline

What’s in store for the next 10 years

Technology continues to evolve and change at a rapid clip and is becoming ever more enmeshed in our lives and those of our children, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. This trend isn't likely to change any time soon, from healthcare increasingly reliant on Internet connected medical devices, to education using more apps and online learning tools, to the countless other sectors and areas of life all relying more and more on data and technology. For all of these uses, security and privacy can't be forgotten or ignored. As we look toward the next decade of ISRG (and beyond!), we commit to continuing our mission to reduce the financial, technological, and educational barrier to secure communications over the Internet, in whatever form that might take.

Impact made possible 100% through charitable contributions

We're incredibly grateful to the many thousands of supporters who have made our work possible over the last ten years—by making a case for corporate sponsorship, giving through DAFs, or making individual donations. Thanks to their generosity, we've changed the Internet for nearly everyone using it. With ongoing support, we'll continue to do just that as it evolves.

As long as there's the Internet, our work will be needed. Your support will allow us to continue adapting and responding to help ensure the Web is a brighter, more secure place for all of us long into the future.

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